Saturday, August 17, 2013

FFFoxy Podcast #23

German Army “Self Interview” Endless Phonics LP (Monofonus Press)
Dads “Invisible Blouse” b/w “Homo Concentration” 7” (Wharf Cat)
Gjallarhornet “High Trousers” Raven Memories CS (Cave Recordings)
CJA “Winter Months” Stand Heavy 10”+7”+CD-R+Comic Book (Pseudo Arcana)
John Zuma St. Pelvyn “The Hard Death of Pancake Man” Lost Masters of the Shortwave Choir CS (Lighten Up Sounds)
Headboggle “Electromechanical Music For Bassbox” (excerpt) Hillboggle CS (SicSic)
Jandek “Nocturne Six” (excerpt) The Song of Morgan 9CD box set (Corwood Industries)
Great Valley “Dream Phone” Continental Lunch LP (Feeding Tube)
Vitamins “Vimanas” Motions CS (self-released)
HGHCLR “Beams” Waves CS (Zeon Light)
Aloonaluna “Vistors” Former Selves/Aloonaluna split CS (Cosmic Winnetou)
Kevin Greenspon “Against Words” Betrayed By The Angels split LP w/ Former Selves (Bridgetown)
Thaniel Ion Lee “Side B” Ambiguity Makes the Confusing Seem Normal CS (Watery Starve)
Günter Schlienz “Watermarked Memories” (excerpt) Swim Trunks 2xCS (Space Slave Editions)
Idea Fire Company & BRRR “The Terrible Comet Salt (narrated by Darren Harris)” The Terrible Comet Salt CS* (Recital)
Sean McCann “All Actors” Accessory Works to Music For Private Ensemble (Deluxe Edition) CD-R (Recital)
Earn “Skyscraper 2” Hell On Earth LP* (Bathetic)
Cream Juice “Man Made Womb” Man Feelings CS (Orange Milk)
Gushing Cloud “Witness” Beat Wings In Vain CD (Intangible Cat)
Kamplos "15th Floor" S/T CS (Pangea Alps)
Black Thread "Pinkfire i" Pinkfire CS (Turmeric Magnitudes)
Hogslayer "A Grudge in the Key of Sludge" S/T CS (Prairie Fire)
Shooting Guns "Deepest Purple (For Krang)" Spectral Laundromat CS (Dub Ditch Picnic)

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