Sunday, June 09, 2013

FFFoxy Podcast #20

Èlg “Der Prediger” La Chimie LP (SDZ Records)
German Army “Harem Diseases” Holland Village CS (Dub Ditch Picnic)
Zerfallt “Island of Poisoned Being” Ritual Systems CS (Field Studies)
Trouble Vs. Glue “Directions” Die Trauerweide LP* (NO=FI Recordings)
Phork “100 MPH” Splish CS (Orange Milk)
Piper Spray “North Ecliptic Pole” Epigraph to the Bright Star Catalogue CS (Singapore Sling)
Amalgamated “Trudge” Trudge/Slap CS (Cave Recordings)
Peter Jefferies “On an Unknown Beach” The Last Great Challenge in a Dull World LP (De Stijl)
Love Chants “Skirts of Rain” Love Chants EP 12" (Quemada)
Grow Horns “For Eagle & Share” Proper Seasons CD (Centsless Productions)
The Invisible Hands “Lili Twil” Insect Dilemma/Disallowed 7” (Abduction)
Inez Lightfoot “Leaving the Owsla” Three Weaving At The Well CS (No Kings)
Benjamin Finger “Consonance of Fear” Listen To My Nerves Hum CD/LP* (Time Released Sound)
Keith Rowe & Graham Lambkin “Over C” Making A CD (Erstwhile)
Call Back the Giants “Side B (excerpt)” The Marianne LP (Kye)
Cody Yantis “With Water” Place & Distance CD-R (Analogpath)
Golden Pawn “Golden Pond” This Lake is a Misty Mirror CS (Space Slave Editions)
James Rushford & Joe Talia “Side B” (excerpt) Manhunter LP (Kye)
Rejections “Critical Mass” The Vertical City EP CS* (Jehu & Chinaman)
Black Hat “Singing Point” Covalence CS* (Field Hymns)
Philip Corner with Phoebe Neville “Exotic Ear” (excerpt) Concerto For Housekeeper . . . 2CS (Imminent Frequencies)
Rambutan “Time Garden” Inverted Summer LP* (Fabrica)

*Note: Full write-up coming in the week ahead. Check back . . .

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