Sunday, May 19, 2013

FFFoxy Podcast #19: House of Alchemy feature with Adam Richards

Chapels “Untitled-Side A” Last Night CS (House of Alchemy 060) 
Mama Baer "Track #3" Perverted People Girl Fuckers CD-R (House of Alchemy 053) 
Interview segment 
Sheldon Siegel “Gothenburg” (excerpt) Three Euro Breakfast CS (House of Alchemy 064) 
Scott Valkwitch “Live at Hallwalls 7/31/09” (excerpt) InFraRed CS (House Alchemy 065) 
Jailbird “Side B” S/T CS (House of Alchemy 066) 
Interview segment 
Jeremy Kelly “Fields” split w/ Chapels CS (House of Alchemy 035) 
Venn Rain “The History of Things To Come” Bioharmonics CS (House of Alchemy 058) 
Obscurer “Diana’s Tree” (excerpt) Shining Arbors CD-R (House of Alchemy 050) 
Interview segment 
Chapels “Blood Cure” split w/ Parashi CS (House of Alchemy 062) 
Interview segment 
Clay Cantrell “Passion Play” High on the Gallows (*forthcoming CS) 
Chris Dadge “Bell Pen Restaurant Directory and Desk” Not Sudden (*forthcoming CS) 
Chapels “Each Step I Know What It’s Going to Sound Like” (*forthcoming CS)

On this edition of the FFFoxy Podcast, we spoke with Adam Richards who runs the House of Alchemy label out of Buffalo, NY, with his wife, Katheryn. Started in 2006, House of Alchemy has been an active player in the international network of underground micro-labels, documenting a wide range of experimental and homespun, DIY sounds. Adam has also contributed to this network of labels through his own musical projects such as Chapels, The Circle and The Point, and Air Loom. In addition to our interview with Adam, we played several tracks from the House of Alchemy catalog, including some of the new and forthcoming releases they have in store for the months ahead.

Check out the following links for more information on House of Alchemy, to listen to more of Adam's music, and to order available titles:

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