Wednesday, April 17, 2013

FFFreakout #358 (Aired on 4/11/13)

Nico "All That Is My Own" from The Frozen Borderline
Wolf Eyes "Born Liar" from No Answer:Lower Floors
Public Image Ltd. "Four Enclosed Walls" from Flowers of Romance
Painkiller "Dr. Phibes" from Collected Works
New York Art Quartet "Rosmosis" from S/T
Conrad Schnitzler "Krautrock" from Rot
Der Plan "Meine Freunde" from Normalette Surprise
FWY! "710 Again" from Any Exit
Mike Bruno "April Showers" from The Sad Sisters
Ashley Paul "Soak the Ocean" from Line the Clouds
Dylan Golden Aycock "Rise and Shine" from Rise and Shine
Elephant Micah "Korean Sunset" from Globe Rush Progressions
Russell Hoke "Lulllaby Waltz" from Magic Of My Youth

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