Tuesday, April 09, 2013

FFFoxy Podcast #17: Wolf Eyes feature w/ John Olson & Nate Young

Wolf Eyes “Burn Your House Down” Dread (Bulb)
Wolf Eyes "Rationed Rot" Human Animal (Sub Pop
Interview segment with John Olson 
Wolf Eyes “Choking Flies” No Answer : Lower Floors (De Stijl
Wolf Eyes “Stabbed in the Face” Burned Mind (Sub Pop
Wolf Eyes “Track #3” Slicer (Hanson
Wolf Eyes “We All Hate You” Always Wrong (Hospital
Interview segment with Nate Young 
Wolf Eyes “Confession of the Informer” No Answer : Lower Floors (De Stijl)
Wolf Eyes & Black Dice “Track 6” Wolf Eyes & Black Dice (Fusetron
Wolf Eyes with John Wiese “Track 8” Collection (Hanson
Nate Young "Blind Corner" Regression "Between Worlds" (Black Moss
Henry & Hazel Slaughter “Track #3” Demos (American Tapes
696 Blues Band "E.S.S.D.O." (Jim Baljo's Soundcloud)
Stare Case “Untitled #4” Public Vanity (American Tapes)
Wolf Eyes "Untitled" Solo (Troubleman Unlimited)

After a few year hiatus, the Michigan-based noise trailblazers, Wolf Eyes, have returned to reclaim their crown as the underground's supreme rulers of mangled 'audio horror' and all things INZANE. On this edition of the FFFoxy Podcast, we talk with core members John Olson and Nate Young about the making of their amazing new album No Answer : Lower Floors out now on De Stijl Records, about the addition of their newest member Jim Baljo, and about their upcoming tour dates in Europe and beyond. We also take a cruise through the Wolf Eyes catalog with selections from the latest album through the various collaborative and offshoot solo projects of the current line-up. That’s right, it is two hours of all things WOLF EYES.

For more information and to order the new album, check out the following links:

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