Thursday, March 28, 2013

FFFoxy Podcast #16

Fire! Orchestra “Exit! Part One” Exit! CD (Rune Grammofon)
Paul Corley “She Is In The Ground” Disquiet CD (Bedroom Community) [12.25]
Pumice “Glordinary” Realistic Pillow 7” (Kraak) [20.40]
Joseph McNulty “I Miss My Girl” Walk Crawlin’ LP (A Beard of Snails) [23.50]
FWY! “Sepulveda” Any Exit CS* (Moon Glyph) [29.36]
Courtly Illusion Limited “Side A” S/T CS (Space Slave Editions) [32.46]
Matt Krefting “High Hopes pt. 1” (excerpt) High Hopes LP (Open Mouth) [42.42]
Yuri Lugovskoy “Track 8” S/T 2CD (Home Assembly) [51.40]
House Reverends “SDP” House Rev LP (Monofonous Press) [55.53]
Adderall Canyonly “Bootney Farnsworth” Excelsius Minor CS* (Rubber City Noise) [1.00.31]
Andrew Weathers Ensemble “Pale Face To The Sun” What Happens When We Stop MP3 (Full Spectrum)
Mary Lattimore “Poor Daniel” The Withdrawing Room LP* (Desire Path Recordings) [1.11.41]
Fossils “Track 1” Bells and Gulls CD-R (Kendra Steiner Editions) [1.14.07]
Myrrh “Side A-Track 2” S/T LP (Soft Abuse) [1.23.19]
Macho Blush “Under Weight” Under Weight CS (self-released) [1.28.37]
Borngräber & Strüver “Mobile” Clouds CD (m=minimal) [1.31.37]
Father Murphy “So Now You Have To Choose . . .” Live at Brigadisco’s Cave 01/03/2011 LP (Brigadisco)
Dylan Golden Aycock “Tethered Heart” Rise & Shine LP (Scissor Tail Editions) [1.43.38]
Loud & Sad “Lomax Acid” Unknown Species LP (Greenup Industries) [1.49.01]
Grisha Shakhnes “A Man Aflame” Leave / Trace LP (Glistening Examples) [1.52.20]
Sean McCann “Remain” Prelusion CD-R (Recital) [2.03.55]

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