Sunday, March 17, 2013

FFFoxy Podcast #15: Michael Flora in-studio session

.mf "untitled" from forthcoming compilation of computer-based music
FNL "12/25 (delay version)" from unreleased album
Michael Flora live in-studio session
(Interview segment)
Field Recordings from India
Philip Glass "Floe" from Glassworks
James St. Murder Laden Mitten Wonder "Which User is the Best User on the Internet" from One Eye
Autechre "M62" from Move of Ten
Hiroshi Yoshimura "Dance PM" from Wave Notation 1Music for Nine Postcards
(Interview segment)
Mark Fell "Multistability 4" from Multistability
SND "Atavism 02" from Atavism
Sensate Focus "X1" from Sensate Focus 10
(Interview segment)
Mandelbrot & Skyy "System R" from OD-Axis
Eugene Carchesio "Circle Music 3" from Circle Music
Ryoji Ikeda "data.microhelix" from Dataplex
Ryuichi Sakamoto "Composition 0919" from Out of Noise

On this edition of the FFFoxy Podcast, we were joined in the studio by computer-based musician, field recordist, and composer, Michael Flora. Recently re-located from the West Coast to the Twin Cities, Flora has released music under his given name and various aliases including masarurasam, .mf, and FNL. Much of his output has come out on the Nada imprint, his microlabel that he started in 2010. In addition to performing an in-studio set, we had a chance to chat with Michael a bit about his music and label. He also picked out some music to play from his personal collection to flesh out the rest of the show. For more information on Flora's music and Nada, check out the following links:

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