Sunday, November 04, 2012

FFFoxy Podcast #8

The Garment District “Nature Nurture” (Remixed by Sonic Boom) S/T 7”* (La Station Radar)
Richard Youngs “Sun Bounty” Core To The Brave LP (Root Strata
Brute Heart “Wildfire” b/w Version (Warm Water Re-Do) 7” (Water Wing
Samara Lubelski “Run Out Arcade” Wavelength (De Stijl
Lazurite “Super Fine Overlord” S/T CS (Fabrica
Cannibal Movie “Mondo Music I” Mondo Music CS* (Yerevan Tapes
Dream Society “Loam” S/T CD-R (Green Tapes
Matt Carlson “Field Electric” All Moments LP (NNA Tapes
Amalgamated “Rot Makor” Spark I 3” CD (Intangible Cat
Bastian Void “Respirit” Fluorescent Bells CS* (Field Hymns
Toning “Shake It Up and Never Return” Ideas of Visions/Stuck In Slime 2xCS* (Constellation Tatsu
Bob James Trio “Untitled Mixes” Explosions CD (ESP-Disk
Damian Valles “A Drums” Guitar and Drums split w/ Alex Durlak CS* (Komino
The Weird Weeds “Side B – Track 2” S/T LP (Sedimental
Jason Lescalleet “Nice Ass” b/w Graham Lambkin “The Food Chain” 7” (Glistening Examples
Tilth “For Sean” Angular Music LP* (Soft Abuse
The Dead C “Shark” Harsh 70’s Reality 2LP (Siltbreeze
Night of Pleasure “Your Back Pages” S/T CS (Faulkner Tapes
The Warped Wave “707 Service” Oooh-ahhh LP (Nowhere Records) 
Clay Cantrell “untitled (Morning)” The Tree Farmer CS (House of Alchemy
Caligine “L’Ora Blu (Affogare Fiori nella Nebbia)” from Anomia Mediterranea CD-R* (A Beard Of Snails
Midday Veil "Antigravity" (excerpt) Integratron CS (Tranlinguistic Other)

This week's show marks the 50th podcast produced by Free Form Freakout in the past two years. We didn't do anything particularly special to mark this occasion. In fact, it didn't even occur to us until after the show was completed that it was anything different. But, I guess that's sort of fitting as the MUSIC has always been our main focus. I would like to, however, extend a big thank you to all the people who have appeared on the show over the years and to all the people that continue to make music that moves and inspires us to keep this show moving forward. Lastly, a big thanks to everyone who carves out the time to STOP and LISTEN.

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