Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mankato Saturday: The Jandek Pre-Concert Mix

This was the pre-concert mix that Free Form Freakout put together for the Jandek show in Mankato this past weekend. The photo was taken by Jon Behm from the Minneapolis-based music blog, Reviler. Read a well-written review of this phenomenal performance over at the City Pages.

Pedestrian Deposit “Under A Veil of Living Light” (excerpt) from Kithless
Richard Skelton “Of the Last Generation” from Landings
Sean McCann & Matthew Sullivan “An Unknown Gentleman” from Vanity Fair
Rain Drinkers “Helix II” from Yesodic Helices
Oren Ambarchi “Salt” from Audience of One
Nuojuva “Pihlajan varjoissa” from Valot Kaukaa
Mirror to Mirror “Burning Life” from Body Moving Slowly
Richard Youngs & Simon Wickham-Smith “Everydayness” from 20 Years
Call Back the Giants “The Pharoah Man” from The Rising
Ezekial Honig “A Closed Loop That Opens Everywhere” from Folding In On Itself 
Flying Saucer Attack “In The Light of Time” from Further 
Twinsistermoon “Kingdom of the Sea” from The Snowbringer Cult
Jakob Olausson “When Your Bridges Burned” from Morning and Sunrise
Donato Epiro “Fantasma Di Una Pulce” from Sounding the Sun
The No-Neck Blues Band “Witch” from Intonomancy

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