Sunday, August 28, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #25 - Avant Archive / Black Eagle Child Feature

Black Eagle Child “Crandon” Lobelia CD (Preservation)
(Interview segment)
Emuul “Without Looking Back” Waiting For Winter (AA004CS)
Sean McCann “Along A River” Mammoth Mountain (AA009CS)
Rogue Cop “A1” Act of Violence (AA013CS)
Horse Marriage “Pee-Chee” b/w "Lay Your Hands on Me" 7” (AA014VII)
(Interview segment)
Excavacations “The Sine III” Afternoon Future CS (AA008CS)
Bret Schneider “$dimpl” Model of a Garden Scene With Watering Can CS (AA010CS)
HMS “Belle River” (excerpt) Cascades (AA012CS)
(Interview segment)
Black Eagle Child “I Am A Bunny” Pages On A Plane LP (Under the Spire)**
Black Eagle Child “Roscoe Running” split w/ Donato Epiro LP (Blackest Rainbow)
Outro Music: Black Eagle Child “Stole” Poland CD-R (Sturmundrugs)

We recently had a chance to speak with Michael Jantz who runs the Avant Archive label out in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Over the past year, Jantz has honed a very distinctive and instantly recognizable visual aesthetic for the label, while building up a catalog with an impressive range of sounds. In addition to his work with Avant Archive, Jantz has also been an active player within underground tape trader circles for several years now, having put out numerous releases of his own as Black Eagle Child on such reputable labels as Stunned, Digitalis, Housecraft, and many others. We aired our recent phone conversation with Michael on this week's show, where we discussed his work with both Avant Archive and as Black Eagle Child, and we played several tracks from each respective discography.

Check out the Avant Archive website for more information.

**Please note: The track played off of the Pages On A Plane LP was "I Am A Bunny", not "Cycle to the Moon" as indicated on the show.

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