Friday, July 01, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #21

Food Pyramid “Last Shuttle to the Red Planet” III CS (Moon Glyph)
Radio People “Only My Friends Can Sing” S/T LP (Digitalis Industries)
KWJAZ “Once in Babylon” (excerpt) S/T CS (Brunch Groupe)
Helm “III” Cryptography LP (Kye)
Deep Earth “Kanal” Nachtmusik LP (Chronic Boom Soundsystem)
Rambutan “Shoreline” The Temple of Echo CD-R (Tape Drift)
Polymer Slug “Pink Sunrise” & “Coriolis Effect” Cloud Types CS (Overland Shark)
BeMyDelay “What It Feels Like To Be Drowned” To the Other Side CD (Boring Machines)
Hertta Lussu Ässä “Electric Spaniel-Wild Nights” S/T  LP (De Stijl)
Bill Orcutt “All Tongues” (Clapton cover) Tour Only 7” (Palilalia)
Terrors “Withdrawing” Lagan Qord LP (Weird Forest)
Matt “MV” Valentine “PK Dick” What I Became LP (Woodsist)
Cannibal Movie “Teste Mozzate” Avorio CS (Sound of Cobra)
Voder Deth Squad “Side A” (excerpt) 1 CS (Stunned)

Several great national tours converge next week in Minneapolis and Free Form Freakout is psyched to take it all in. To start off this week's webcast we played tracks from Food Pyramid, Radio People, and KWJAZ who will be playing together on the same bill at Nick & Eddie Warehouse on July 5th, along with Swanox and Garrincha & The Stolen Elk (discussed on our previous Weird Forest feature).  Earlier in the evening, Sudden Oak, Palmetto Moon Electronic Group, John Neikrasz, and local duo Glitter Pig will be kicking things off at Madame of the Arts. There looks to be plenty of fireworks in store for this evening, so locals no need to worry if your 4th of July plans don't pan out . . . you're covered.

Other highlights on this week's webcast include The World of Echo CD-R from Eric Hardiman's Rambutan project that just came out on his own Tape Drift imprint.  On this hour-long trip, Hardiman lays out his broadest, boldest, and brightest sound creations to date, staring down his guitar-based urges with mutant technoid vision. The album combines a few previously (Hobo Cult) released tracks along with a smattering of material, both new and old, to form a rather cohesive whole, and providing a major teaser for his reported forthcoming debut full-length on Weird Forest. Leave it to the Italians to take a fringe horror sub-genre as their band name, right? The first offering from Cannibal Movie, also the first release from Sound of Cobra Records, is an absolute beast of an album though. Total hypno-tribal sounds from this organ and drums duo that are able to work in some melodic swing with their raw primitive thud. Curiously, Donato Epiro has not been heard from since the formation of this group. Hmmm, just a clever band name you say? Lastly, we just received a stack of tapes from the latest batch from Stunned, which we could have filled up plenty of this week's show with, but we're going to hold back some for the weeks ahead. We had to, however, play a lengthy slab from the debut of Voder Deth Squad, a real-time collaboration between M. Geddes Gengras and Jeremy Kelly on Moog and modular synthesizer. The album features no overdubs or edits, yet displays an energy and exactness that only a couple of seasoned players like these two could pull off. As far as music to get totally lost in goes, this is some pretty choice stuff.

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