Sunday, June 05, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #19

Lighted “Morning Miami Mega” Queendom CS (Lighten Up Sounds)
Dylan Ettinger “Untitled – Side B” Pattern Recursion CS (Moon Glyph)
Bronze “Synthesist” Re-Synthesist CD (RVNG Intl.)
Ghostband “Kami” Verdical CS (Moon Glyph)
Trance Farmers “Betty Bop” (Babe, Terror Mix) Scooby Doobie CS (Glue Moon)
Alf Danielson “Glover” Killing Capitalism With Kindness CD (Xpressway/Turbulence)
Inhibitionists “A Parsnip’s Movements . . . “ split w/ Afterlife CS (Stunned)
John Zuma St. Pelvyn “Balboa Spits Towards the Motherload” Ampex, Stolanoff, Dogwood, Rain CS (Lighten Up Sounds)
Barn Owl “Teonanacatl” Our Mouths A Perpetual Light LP (Not Not Fun)
Caligine “Arida II” L’Autunno di Rame CD-R (Sturmundrugs)
Flower-Corsano Duo “Third Strike” You’ll Never Work In This Town Again CD-R (self-released)
Talk West “Buddha TV” To Hope Is To Hanker CS (Avant Archive)
The Preterite “With A Star To Guide Them” S/T 2xCS (Weird Forest)

It's starting to actually feel like summer around these parts, which I'm sure all would agree is a welcome change.  So with my Summer Ale in hand, I'll try to remain focused here long enough to highlight some of the great releases we've acquired in recent weeks. Two current favorites come to us from the Lighten Up Sounds label, which is based down the road in Lake City, MN. Not only is this a scenic little river town, but it also holds the distinction of being the birthplace of waterskiing. Dammit, I'm already trailing off. . .  Anyways, I was completely floored by John Zuma St. Pelvyn's Ampex, Stolanoff, Dogwood, Rain tape that Lighten Up Sounds put out. Didn't realize I needed a dimebag of wood shavings, but sure enough there it was tucked into the cool oversized packaging that this tape comes housed in. The music was apparently recorded while the artist was living in a water tower out in northern California and there is definitely a loner or, better yet, meditative feel to these recordings. Z-St. P's guitar playing brings to mind Loren Connors in the way that he wanders and bends around blues motifs, but his use of the theremin sends things squealing off into a completely different direction on the second side. Lighted's brand new Queendom cassette has also been glued to the tape deck since catching their performance at Heliotrope last week. Lighted are a trio that play on the heavy liquified psych groove sound, but with a little more backbone than many of their contemporaries, which to these ears sounds quite refreshing actually. Hot on the heels of his great Lion of Judah single, Moon Glyph delivers Dylan Ettinger's latest offering in Pattern Recursion, which I'm willing to bet won't make it into the Dub review section in Wire this time around. Pattern Recursion is a different beast altogether; a type of analog machine music that still retains a sense of warmth and melody, while highlighting Ettinger's knack for concocting little song-like phrases within these lengthier, sidelong peices. Speaking of lengthy, The Preterite just released a sprawling double cassette on Weird Forest that features some incredible blurred-out piano and tape constructions that make for a totally immersive listen. Be on the lookout for a full Weird Forest show in the coming weeks, after we make our trek down to Chicago to take in some Acid Marshmallow. Cheers!

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