Sunday, November 21, 2010

FFFreakout: Podcast #4

Infinite Body "Between You Can Crawl Like This is the End" Bored Fortress 7" Club (Not Not Fun)
High Wolf "Boneless" Bored Fortress 7" Club (Not Not Fun)
Rambutan "Ordinary Vertigo" Erasing the Past 7" (Tape Drift)
The Polyps "Peixe" Fennel's Daughter 7" (Eggy)
Jeans Wilder "Simpler Times" Simpler Times 7" (La Station Radar)
The Fuckin' Flyin' A-Heads "Swiss Cheese Back" Swiss Cheese Back 7" (De Stijl)
Skoal Kodiak "Cruel Tic" Cold As Fuck LP compilation (Insides Music)
Sunken "The Evidence" New Zealand Eels LP (Emerald Cocoon)
Locrian "Omega Vapors" Dissolvers split LP w/ Century Plants (Tape Drift)

Spun the first vinyl offerings from Eric Hardiman's consistently great Tape Drift label. The first was a limited 7" lathe from his own Rambutan project which Byron Coley recently covered in his "Size Matters" column in The Wire (#321) stating:

"Erasing the Past . . . mixes stillness and clatter in equal measures. On the A side, a small drone figure repeats while everything else crumbles slowly onto your shoulders, making an embarrassingly big pile of mock-dandruff. On the flip, Hardiman goes for a steampunk drone that really clanks the old iron, as they say."

The second is a split 12" with his duo Century Plants and the mighty Locrian from Chicago, who have been on an absolute tear this year. Check out the Small Doses website for more on their output and activity.

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