Saturday, November 06, 2010

FFFreakout: Podcast #3

The Woolen Men "Boomerang" Sunday CS (Eggy)
Lee Noble "Terror High" Creeping Death Fever CD-R (La Station Radar)
Nite Jewel "The Kamera Song" You Colla The Colour of Mounds CS (Alberts Basement)
The Polyps "Twenty Colored Circle Pt. 1" Twenty Colored Circle CS (Eggy)
Wild Classical Music Ensemble "Dragon draak" Musik Oblik: Music in the Margins 2 CD (Sub Rosa)
Big Blood "Lay Your Head On the Rails (and Comeback)" 3"CD Peasant Magik boxset (Peasant Magik)
Natural Snow Buildings "Curse of the Devil" 3"CD Peasant Magik boxset (Peasant Magik)
Silver Bullets "Farlo Respirane, Cosi" Citta Invisibiii CS (Stunned)

Broke out some things from a new stash that arrived from the very fine Eggy Tapes and Mailorder out of Portland. The Woolen Men cassette contains some highly addictive scruffy pop gems and, while I've just about reached my threshold level for extended synth jammers, this Polyps tape offers a rather refreshing take on the whole synth/electronics bit. Also, dug into the excellent 3" CD box set that Peasant Magik released awhile back to mark their 100th release. Peasant Magik have a massive batch of new tapes ready for order, which you can sample some of the sounds over at their website.

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