Wednesday, September 15, 2010

FFFreakout #229 (Aired on 9/16/10)

Grass Widow - "Fried Egg"
Phantom Payn - "That's Far Beyond Being Funny, Dear"
Coolies - "In Theory"
Dignan Porch - "As You Were"
Ignatz - "Gazing at the Fire"
Noah Howard "Queen Anne"
Skoal Kodiak - "Tinsel Tongue"
Rene Hell - "Prize Mischief Hold"
This Kind of Punishment - "Reaching an End"
Little Francisco Greaves - "Moving-Grooving"
Mike Rep & the Quotas - "Creature with the Atom Brain"
Mayo Thompson - "Venus in the Morning"
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - "My Pal the Tortoise"
Mice Parade - "In Between Times"
(Outro Music: Camden - "Headstone")

Click here to listen to this show.

Here's a couple more from the forthcoming Coolies album "Monster", which features FFF favorite Stefan Neville (aka Pumice) on the drums.

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