Wednesday, August 25, 2010

FFFreakout #226 (Aired on 8/26/10)

Boss Hog - "Winn Coma"
Freedom Fighters - "Crows Nest"
Melvins - "At A Crawl"
Halo of Flies - "Tired & Cold"
Altar Eagle - "Spy Movie"
Whitesand/Badlands - "Witch Hunting"
Velvet Davenport - "White Blue"
Woven Bones - "Creepy Bone"
Weezer - "Getchoo"
Free Energy - "Free Energy"
P.I.L. - "This Is Not A Love Song" (orig. 12" Mix)
Carl Perkins - "Pink Petal Pushers"
Grinderman - Depth Charge Ethel"
Rilo Kiley - "Close Call"
De La Soul - "The Magic Number"

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Gearing up for the AmRep 25th Anniversary Bash in Minneapolis this weekend. Hoping for Halo of Flies, but plenty of other great bands to look forward to.

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