Tuesday, March 09, 2010

FFFreakout #203 (Aired on 3/11/10)

The Art Museums - "We Can't Handle It"
Joanna Newsom - "'81"
Alex Bathgate - "Glide"
Father Murphy - "So Now You Have to Choose. . ."
Mamuthones - "Ota Benga"
Edan - "Rock and Roll"
Julian Lynch - "Rivers"
The Art Museums - "Sculpture Gardens"
Sonic Youth - "Bull in the Heather"
The Everly Brothers - "Price of Love"
The Streets - "Push Things Forward"
Sparklehorse - "Someday Will Treat You Good"
Pavement - "Embassy Row"
Fastbacks - "Waterloo Street"
Cake - "Rock 'N' Roll Lifestyle"
Soul Asylum - "No Man's Land"
Sleater-Kinney - "Iron Clad"

One of the most inventive rock(ish) albums I've heard in quite some time is "...And He Told Us to Turn to the Sun" from the Italian group Father Murphy. Here's a wild video for the song "In Their Graves" from that album.

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