Wednesday, July 15, 2009

FFFreakout #171 (Aired on 7/16/09)

Anna Adamis & Gabor Presser - Ringasd el magod no.2
Pumice - Persevere
Amen Dunes - Castles
39 Clocks - Fast Cars
Loop - 16 Dreams
Portishead - Glory Box
Luscious Jackson - City Song
Mull Historical Society - Watching Xanadu
Olivia Newton John - Xanadu
The Pixies - Head On
The Intelligence - Debt & E.S.P.
Harvester - When the Lingonberries are Ripen
Old 97's - Time Bomb
Pavement - Summer Babe
Possum Dixon - Emergency's About to End
The Monkees - Mary Mary
(Outro Music by MF Doom)

Stephen Malkus talking Velvet Underground, shredding, and sports, among other things on Soft Focus hosted by Ian Svenonius of Nation of Ulyssis/The Make-Up fame.

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