Wednesday, November 29, 2006

FFFreakout #40 "Bill Murray Edition" (Aired on 11/30/06 & 12/7/06)

1) Hilly Michaels - Something on your Mind (from Caddyshack sdtk)
2) Creation - Makin' Time (from Rushmore sdtk)
3) Devo - Gut Feeling (from Life Aquatic sdtk)
4) Paul Simon - Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard (from Royal Tenenbaum sdtk)
5) Looking Glass - Brandy (You're A Fine Girl) (from Charlie's Angels sdtk)
6) Jesus & Mary Chain - Just Like Honey (from Lost in Translation sdtk)
7) Marvin Gaye - I Want You (from Broken Flowers sdtk)
8) Rick Dees - Meatballs (from Meatballs sdtk)
9) from the Stripes O.S.T. - 1. Winger 2. Depression
10) Seu Jorge - Starman (from Life Aquatic sdtk)
11) English Beat - Save it for Later (from Kingpin sdtk)
12) Bill Murray - More Than This (from Lost in Translation sdtk)
13) Greenhornes w/ Holly Golightly - There is an End (from Broken Flowers sdtk)
14) Kenny Loggins - Mr. Night (from Caddyshack sdtk)
15) Cat Stevens - The Wind (from Rushmore sdtk)
16) from the Caddyshack O.S.T - Marina

We are not sure why this show aired twice, but we hope there was something in here you liked. It was certainly fun to do, and we thank our good friend Fat Elvis for the show idea. If you have any ideas for future shows that focus on a certain theme, artist, record label, etc., etc., please feel free to leave a suggestion in our comments section or e-mail us a

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