Sunday, May 27, 2012

FFFreakout: Podcast #42

Food Pyramid “Cosmo Canyon” Mango Sunrise LP/CD* (Moon Glyph
Nihiti “Sun Shatterer” For Ostland LP (lo bit landscapes
Gimu “The Silver Passage Missed” The Glorious Colours of Leaves in the Fall CS* (Constellation Tatsu
Gate “Sunshine” The Dew Line LP* (Mie Music
Suspensers “Duio/All You Little” Too Dumb To Live, Too Stoned To Die CS (Soft Abuse
Blanche Blanche Blanche “Superslave” Open Session Rock CS (OSR Tapes)
Video Nasties “Weak History Text” Amore E Rabbia CS (A Giant Fern
Cream Juice “Track 3” S/T CS (Orange Milk
Iibiis Rooge “Side A” (excerpt) Hespherides LP/MP3* (Weird Forest
Nil “A-O3” Nilmonic Process LP (Phaserprone
Henning Christiansen “Side A” (excerpt) Kreuzmusik FLUXID BEHANDLUNG Op 189 LP (KYE
Robert Turman “Lotek” Way Down LP (Dais
Oren Ambarchi “Salt” Audience Of One CD (Touch
Father Murphy “Jesus” split w/ How Much Wood Would A Woodchuck . . . 7” (Avant
Charlemagne Palestine & Janek Schaefer “Fables From A Far Away Future” (excerpt) Day Of The Demon LP (Desire Path
Amen Dunes “Ethio Song II” Ethio Covers 7” (self-released
Black Eagle Child “Running Around the Room” Go Around, Again LP* (Under the Spire
Hobbledeions “Untitled” Asyndeton CS (No Kings
Nurse With Wound “Rock ‘N Roll Station” Rock ‘N Roll Station CD (United Dairies
Nathan McLaughlin “Track 4-Side B” The Refrigerator is Emotional LP (Senufo Editions)
Wolf Fluorescence "Saranac Green Eyes" We're So Glad You're Home (Fabrica)
Robin Fox excerpt from Wired Open Day 2009 (Taiga)

Well, it has been a hectic couple of weeks and trying to carve out even a little scrap of time to do any writing has been a challenge. We’re already getting to work on the next podcast show, got the stopwatch and boombox working double time in preparation for this next one (*the FFF stereo tape deck died a painful death during the making of this show). But before we move on, we thought it would still be worthwhile to highlight some of the releases from this week’s show. First, we were caught slightly off guard by the latest full-length album from Nihiti. On their previous efforts they dealt in more restrained electro-acoustic dance and pop modes, but on For Ostland they veer off into a more bleak and absrasive maelstrom, blanketing their sound with layers of feedback and distortion that hints at band and label mate Viktor Timofeev’s recent solo album. “Sun Shatterer” and their cover of Marissa Nadler’s “Ghosts and Lovers” are perhaps the only outwardly song-like moments on the album, and both are keepers. In terms of straight-ahead pop music, albeit of the slightly quirky variety, we’re quickly becoming big Blanche Blanche Blanche devotees. Like fellow Vermonster, Son of Salami, BBB know how to pen these oddly heartfelt two-minute keyboard pop songs that are stripped down to the bare essentials. We see on the OSR Tapes website that this duo offers up their songwriting services. So, the question is: Would BBB compose a theme song for FFF? Moving on, if you’re a person that still wonders what distinguishes a good drone record from a bad one, then we’d like to submit two prime examples of drone awesomeness for you: 1) Charlemagne Palestine & Janek Schaefer’s Day of the Demon and 2) Open Wired Day 2009 that documents the live performances of Alan Lamb, Garry Bradbury, David Burraston, Oren Ambarchi and Robin Fox at The WIRED Lab in Australia. Aside from both being beautifully packaged vinyl editions, these albums feature a group of masters creating rich and widely varied tones and textures. If you’re really curious about examples of bad drone music just write and we’ll randomly pull out something from the Box O’ Cassette Duds that we’ve amassed over the years. Lastly, in our quest for more amazing outer limits electronic sounds, NIL is now the current reigning champs. They’re bleeping brilliant.

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