Sunday, March 20, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #13

Winter Drones “Winnie Coopers Bones” Blood in the Coffin CD (Weird Forest)
Haino/O’Rourke/Ambarchi “In A Flash Everything . . .” In A Flash Everything . . . 2LP (Black Truffle)
Mamuthones “Ota Benga” S/T CD (Boring Machines)
Donato Epiro “Il Primo Cerchio” Black Eagle Child split LP (Blackest Rainbow)
C. S. Yeh “In The Blink Of An Eye” b/w “Condo Stress” 7” (De Stijl)
Felix Kubin “Lightning Strikes” Bruder Luzifer CD (Omni)
Iibiis Rooge “Coro-Coro” S/T LP (Dekorder)
Spare Death Icon “P.A.C.E.” Survival CS (Gift Tapes)
Uncle Jim “Liberties” Uncle Jim’s Superstars of Greenwich Meantime LP (Black Velvet Fuckere)
Matthew De Gennaro & Stefan Neville “Puppy With Rickets” Women CS (self-released)
Fille Qui Mousse “Cantate Disparate” Trixie Stapleton 291 LP (Bichon)
Idea Fire Company “Last Man . . Last Round . .” The Island of Taste LP (Swill Radio)

It's been close to two months since we've done just a straight-ahead webcast show and in that time some great releases, both new and old, have arrived. Among the highlights this week is the new double album from Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke, and Oren Ambarchi entitled In A Flash Everything Comes Together As One There Is No Need For A Subject. This release features the trio's full performance that went down at SuperDeluxe in Tokyo on January 24th, 2010. I'm generally not all that fond of live albums, but this performance, and recording of it, is absolutely stellar. Over the four sides, this trio of veteran improvisors explore a wide range of sounds that, at times, recalls the intensity and dynamics of Haino's work in Fushitsusha. The gatefold jacket artwork and live photos that house these records are equally impressive I might add. Another unexpected treat is the new 7" single from C. Spencer Yeh, or C. S. Yeh in this case, out on De Stijl. Perhaps best known for his work in Burning Star Core, and certainly no slouch of an improvisor himself, Yeh has now gone and written some pop songs. Damn good ones too!! My only hope is that this is just a teaser for more to come and not just a one-stop layover. Finally, Gift Tapes recently released three new cassettes. Amongst this batch was a new one from Spare Death Icon, a creeper synth project helmed by Gift Tapes proprietor, and Brother Raven member, Jason E. Anderson. I've yet to hear someone approach the whole John Carpenter soundtrack vibe as good as this. It definitely contains some paranoia and dread inducing sounds. I swear I was anticipating my own blood splatter in the dishwater while listening to this the other night. Quality stuff!!

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