Wednesday, March 11, 2009

FFFreakout #153 "Pumice" (Aired on 3/12/09)

Pumice - "Pumicequo" from Quo
Pumice - "Upsets # Four" from White
Pumice - "Warmhorn / Classicalfist" from Raft
Pumice - "Thermos in the Studio" from Quo
Pumice - "Both Beasts" from Pebbles
Pumice - "Worsted" from Yeahnahvienna
Pumice - "Heavy Punter" from Quo
(Pumice Phone Interview)
Pumice - Twin Neck Double Kick Bum Chin" from new split 7" w/ Grouper
Axemen - "The Wharf With No Name" from Flying Nun Boxset
Kraus - "Lancashire" from Lamentations of an Ape
Claypipe - "Constant" from The Jewelled Antler Library Boxset
The Ivytree - "The Withering Tree" from The Jewelled Antler Boxset
The Dead C - "Scarey Nest" from Eusa Kills

We featured one of our favorite artists on today's show, Stefan Neville (a.k.a. Pumice), including a recent phone interview we were fortunate enough to do with him. We had a chance to spin his track from the new split 7" with Grouper out on Soft Abuse Records. Also got to discuss some of his work with the NZ Audio Foundation and some of his upcoming projects. For more information and further listening check out his myspace site.

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