Saturday, December 27, 2008

FFFreakout #142 (Aired on 12/25/08)

1) Rev. J.M. Bates - Gettin' Ready For Christmas Day
2) Blind Lemon Jefferson - All I Want is That Pure Religion
3) Skip James - Jesus is a Mighty Good Leader
4) Blind Willie Johnson - Take Your Burden . . .
5) Rev. Gary Davis - I Belong To the Band
6) Eddie Head and Family - - Lord, I'm the True Vine
7) Carter Family - Keep on the Sunny Side
8) Roosevelt Graves and Brother - Woke Up This Morning
9) Bessie Johnson's Sanctified Singers - The Whole World is in His Hands
10) Hank Williams & The Drifting Cowboys - I'll Have a New Body
11) Edward W. Clayborn - Your Enemy Cannot Harm You
12) Blind Willie McTell - I Got to Cross the River Jordan
13) Louvin Brothers - I'll Never Go Back
14) Flatts & Scruggs - That Home Above
15) Rev. D.C. Rice and Sanctified Congregation - We Got the Same Kinda Power Over Here
16) Lil McClintock - Sow Good Seeds
17) Rev. Edward Clayborn (The Guitar Evangelist) - This Time Another Year You May Be Gone
18) Mahalia Jackson - God's Gonna Separate the Wheat From the Tares

Even though it was Christmas Day, we figured most people had probably had their fill of Christmas music, so we decided to play a bunch of old time gospel and sanctified blues. Here's some footage of Rev. Gary Davis, a personal favorite.

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