Saturday, October 26, 2013

FFFoxy Podcast #26

Circuit Des Yeux “Some Day” Overdue LP/CD* (Ba Da Bing/Lewis & Lynn)
Scorched Earth Policy “Too Far Gone” Going Thru A Hole in the Back of Your Head LP (Siltbreeze)
Mowis “Where Are You” S/T CS (Pangea Alps)
Matthew DeGennaro “Forty (For Pip Proud)” Chuang Tzu Motherfucker LP* (Soft Abuse)
Russell Hoke “Weird Rachel” Sailor on the Blue LP (Unheard-of Records)
Sparkling Wide Pressure “How She Weaves the Tale” Stream Returner CD-R (Analogpath)
Nathan McLaughlin “Promises” (excerpt) Karen Studies CS (Scissor Tail)
Delicate Flesh “Anything, You’d Please” Bare of Flowers CD-R (self-released)
Senza Testa “Tom” S/T CS (Self-Help Tapes)
Scammers “Planet Earth” Goldrush 2013 Companion Cassette CS (Planted Tapes)
Gerda Taro “Side A (excerpt)” The First Hundred Years CS (Noumenal Loom)
The Meets “As A Period In Which Nothing Happens” It Happens Outside LP (My Idea of Fun)
Dead Neanderthals & Colin Webster “Both Sides Fought Bravely” …And It Ended Badly CD (Gaffer/Raw Tonk)
Justin Marc Lloyd “Declarative//Interrogative” Anxiety Flood Cont. CS (Rainbow Bridge)
Graham Lambkin / Jason Lescalleet “CT20 1PS/Rinsing Through the Shingles” Photographs 2CD (Erstwhile)
.mf “Secular Music of South Minneapolis” FFFour KMSU 10”/mp3 (FFF Bandcamp)
Nikmis “Sree” Nicht Mass CS (Orange Milk)
Vales “Side B (excerpt)” Boreal Head Trip CS (Skell)
Treasure Hunt “Yucky Man” Global Guts CS* (Moon Glyph)
Ø+yn “Desde el artico se exiende hacia el sur” Tentaculeando a la puna CS* (Taping Policies)
The No-Neck Blues Band "Illirikum" Parallel Easters 2CD (S@1#)

Corrections & Clarifications:
*That's "Katie Cruel", not "Karen Cruel", that the Karen Studies' b-side must be referencing.
*Want to grab that Delicate Flesh release? Try this: delicateflesh[at]gmail[dot]com.
*Dusty Groove is one of the few places that carries those Russell Hoke albums. Buy 'em all if you can. 

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