Monday, August 13, 2012

FFFoxy Podcast #4 - Justin Meyers in-studio session

Justin Meyers “Decorations” Libra CS (TF56) 
Casey Deming & Justin Meyers “Crystal” North of the Quarry CS (TF57)
Justin Meyers in-studio performance 
(Interview segment) 
Glass Organ "Side A" (excerpt) Two Tapes LP (TF45) 
Three Legged Race "Mourning Order" (excerpt) Living Order / Mourning Order LP (TF51) 
C. Spencer Yeh “Untitled” Solo Violin 1-10 LP (TF46) 
(Interview segment) 
Helm “Direct Landscapes I” Direct Landscapes / Monuments CS (TF53) 
Scott Goodwin “Referent I” (excerpt) Referent CS (TF55) 
Panther Skull “Untitled” Transistor Owls LP (TF35) 
(Interview segment) 
Justin Meyers “Miles” Bad Sequence (*forthcoming release) 
Justin Meyers “There is a Light” Bad Sequence (*forthcoming release)

On this week's show, we were joined in the studio by Justin Meyers. Based out of Minneapolis, Meyers has been releasing his carefully crafted noise and minimal electronics pieces for almost a decade now under his given name and such monikers as Devillock, Panther Skull, and Glass Organ. His releases have appeared on such notable labels as Arbor, Chondritic Sound, Troniks, Students of Decay, and his very own Tone Filth imprint. Recent years have seen Meyers   begin to investigate modular synthesis, while bringing to it his knack for thoughtful composition. We were fortunate to have Justin perform a new piece for us on his latest modular synthesizer that he recently finished building. We also got to chat with him a bit to find out more about his music and his Tone Filth label.  

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Alkahest said...

Just wanted to show some appreciation. Really enjoyed this show. I've been a long time fan of Tone Filth so this was really cool to see.

Free Form Freakout said...

Awesome! Thanks for listening!!